All bands have to start somewhere. For The Titans, somewhere was a garden shed in August 2008, three days before their first gig. With a broken guitar amp stuck on the overdrive channel as a PA and a borrowed bass guitar they fired out four tunes with the help of local sideman Martin 'Tini' Thompson. Taking inspiration from a late night jamming session, during which Peggy Lee's 'Fever' was added to the set list, the nervous but excited band members staggered on to the stage in front of an expectant and rowdy Rokefest crowd...


Jo "The Boss" Chapman. A leading business guru by day, Jo’s parents provided her defining musical influences including Nina Simone, from jazz singer mum and the Rolling Stones, from rocker dad. Her diverse vocal capabilities, from the smooth jazz stylings of "Fever" and "Lucille" (lounge bar edit) to the pop sounds of Take That, have enabled The Titans to effortlessly bridge the established cover band genres. Having started her entertainment career as a singer and compere at an upmarket holiday camp and having wowed talent show audiences with her singing and dancing skills, The Titans provided the next logical step in her stratospheric rise to musical stardom.


Lead guitarist, Pete "Who's The Daddy" Snellgrove, juggles the twin responsibilities of running a growing business with nurturing a growing baby boy. Neither fame nor fatherhood has changed Pete and he can still be seen tirelessly walking his dog between home and pub of an evening. Pete is the driving force behind The Titans; the desire to entertain burned brightly in Pete since an early age when he promoted his own school band to packed houses in West London. His devotion to the sounds of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin are the foundations of Pete's style.


Several local bands had tried to tempt local celebrity John "The Don" Barwick on to the stage before the call from The Titans, and from the very first beat of the very first gig, John was hooked. A life-long music lover from the 1960’s and 70’s power rock heartland of Britain, John is the charismatic heart of The Titans. Usually reserved in style and always modest about his drumming abilities, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock and Roll’ brings out the animal in John!


Tom "Captain Fingers" Chapman joined The Titans with an illustrious, if somewhat dusty, musical pedigree. Having learned the guitar at an early age he played with his father in folk bands before a change of direction to classical guitar and a music degree. After playing countless gigs and sessions in the 90’s his talent was neglected until The Titans tempted him out of retirement and on to the bass guitar. His love of jazz and funk brings a unique feel to The Titans music.